I have gotten a NEGATIVE rating because of the FIVERR WATERMARK! :O


Hello guys, today something funny, yet bad happened on fiverr.
Some guy ordered a Vector Silhouette that I offer in my gigs, and I have decided to go one extra mile and deliver his gig within 2 hours. But I didnt stop there… He has ordered the basic package, which says that I will do a black and white RASTER silhouette for the buyer… Well I have made him 2 versions of Raster and 2 Versions of Vector, I have delivered with the source file.
And he rates me 4.4 because all the pictures have FIVERRS WATERMARK xD…

So the guy ruined my almost 100 x 5 star ratings because He apparently thought I have deliberately placed fiverr watermark on the pictures…

Crazy people… :smiley:

Anybody had any similar experience?


I wrote a blog post for a now regular buyer a couple of months ago, and I threw in an extra of getting them appropriate images, which they went for. I delivered the writeup with the images and they wouldn’t understand that the Real images had no watermark, in as much as they’ve been paid for.

In the end, I had to send the images through the chat section so that they would see I’m telling the truth. That worked for me cos the main delivery wasn’t an image file (as yours). It could have easily backfired otherwise


Yes but I am in shock… I always go one extra mile for all my buyers. And trust me I deliver high quality work… This dude apeared out of nowhere, he just placed an order and sent me a picture taken with a potato I think… The quality of the image is dreadful. And I have enhanced it to the very max, and I delivered much more, and he says…

Besides the Fiverr watermark over the pictures, they turned out great, the way I expected them to turn out.

I mean COME ON… hehe why didnt he contact me to ask, " Hey man, theres something wrong with the pictures, theres this fiverr watermark…" or something… You feeling me… xD


You should have told him that after downloading the images, the fiverr watermark automatically disappear.


Lol experience :stuck_out_tongue: very funny


Thank you captain Hindsight… :smiley:
I have delivered over 300 separate images, and no one has ever requested me to explain how fiverr works. :smiley:


Maybe these buyers are 1 in 300 :grin:
Who doesn’t know how Fiverr works


Oh man, what a bummer.
I’m glad I’ve only gotten revision requests because of the watermark. These days I make sure to tell everyone that the watermark goes away once they’ve accepted the delivery.


That’s funny! Some people are like that, they’re too scared to communicate. Although that’s not a negative rating :slight_smile: It counts as a 5 star rating. I believe anything past 3.8 does?


why not use the “request review modification” and try to explain that they will not have the water mark on them and if that dont work send support a message they maybe able to help.


i had similar prob when they started watermark options, so i just turned off watermark for all the gigs! sometimes buyers cant see the actual design clearly because of watermar


i also have the experince my buyer was not marking the order he was saying first remove the water mark the i will mark the order completked…lolz… i told him iits from fiverr… when you mark the order completed the watermark will remove…but useless at last i have to given the files through chat… :smile:


Same things happen to me many times as clients thinks that I put the watermark there so i explain them everything but there reaction is funny , we will not steal your work :smiley: and you did it on purpose


I did face the same situation but in my case, I received 2.3 rating for that :frowning: and receiving warnings for TOS violations Coz I asked the buyer to change the review


You can send him this link and can ask to modify his review - https://vimeo.com/214460992?from=outro-embed
I am sure it will work/
I did not faced similar situation but low res preview often make similar situation which I handle through this link and communicate the process.


I had something similar and the buyer wasn’t that willing to take the leap of faith to accept the order and see the images disappear. There should be an auto-message from Fiverr to conform this and reassure buyers.


exactly…but now fiverr is doing it…a message appear beneath the delivery saying water mark will remove after marking order


Finally… I have been telling all my customers about the watermark so I dont get any further negative rating…


I am a Graphic designer and i too experienced the same issue … there is some buyers they are not using computers and they will make orders and viewing them only from there smart phones… there for they will not download the image and they will view as how it is on the page and this water mark is a problem for them.

There for i have disabled this watermark option on my Gig


Fiverr could also change their watermark so that in the watermark it says “Watermark will be removed upon order acceptance” or something - or whatever will fit.