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I have Gotten Basic badge

Last night Earned Basic Badge, But I don’t know for it what I will do.


Can you share a screenshot of “Basic Badge”? I think I have never seen such badge before.

By the way, Your Gig seems to violate Community Standards resp. ToS with

  • Fake engagement and traffic
  • Promise a service outcome which is not in your control

You may want to read Community Standards

Your description

  • This Is My 100% Organic and Guarantee Service
  • I will promote your channel until to complete the requirements for YouTube
  • Natural engagement

As your Gig violates ToS it’s just a matter of time when someone will report it and your Gig will be denied.


Your other Gigs are similar to the first one and could be removed any time.

You may also want to check your Gig’s images.

This one, looks like racist one by your mistake. You may want to correct it or remove ir.

Thank you!

If you mean this:
Then it’s forum-specific and has nothing to do with your Fiverr account.

White hate! Please edit your gig image text. It’s White HAT SEO not Hate. Hope you understand what I’m saying about.

thank you so much----

now the time what I have to do

You should correct what’s wrong… Start with that image for example.