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I have Gotten Editor badge

How much effective editor badge I don’t know, If anyone knows please tell me


Wow. How? Please share.


This badge is granted the first time you edit one of your posts. While you won’t be able to edit your posts forever, editing is encouraged — you can improve the formatting, fix small mistakes, or add anything you missed when you originally posted. Edit to make your posts even better!

The above is from the link I posted above.

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Just you should create a tropic and edit for solve your wrong then you will get.

For getting this badge will it be affect my fiverr account?

Forum badges should be earned organically over a period of time and not forced. Please do not attempt to forcibly earn a bunch of badges in a day or two, this can get you in trouble.

Note: Forum badges will not increase sales, gain impressions, rank in search

The above is from the link I posted above.


In short, no…

You described it nicely! :relaxed:

Congratulations! enjoy :relaxed: