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I have gotten this spam message from multiple accounts

I won’t mention the names of the senders they seem to quickly close their accounts after sending the personal message to me on my sellers page.
The message goes like this:

Blockquote “Hello sir I am very interested your gig post My company name is ployapps. I need some design of my company Iits is big project of my company Click the link see full details of the designs (they put a web link here) --Thank You—”

I have been tagging them as spam. I just wonder if anyone else is getting these


thanks for share with us


I only get a few of these but I think it’s because I don’t really do design work.


I’ve literally received about 10 of these messages and I report them every single time because it is the exact same message from different accounts. It’s so annoying do not click any of their links that they attach. I don’t know what it is but it’s not legit work.


I just received this message on my greeting card design gig and clicked on the links, but nothing happened


Just got another one yesterday. They are like ants on a pick nick.

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I got one this morning, thanks for sharing. also I got something else before, saying they would like to use my account info and give me back 20% of each order they get kind of thing, but I just ignored. please be aware of that too.

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Thank you for the heads up on this! I also got this spam message. I am reporting but wanted to add to this forum to help others from opening any spam.

I’ve been getting several spam messages almost every day. At first they want to communicate by email, then after I labeled a few of those as spam they started asking for ■■■■■ or phone call. Very frustrating…!

WOW ha. I’ve only been on fiverr for 2 days and all 6 of the messages I have recieved were asking for my personal information or to contact them via ■■■■■ or discord. really frustrating

They often target new sellers, they expect you to be inexperienced/naive/stupid/greedy/whatever, and fall for it.