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I have had an unpleasant experience and I'm not satisfied!

I’ve joined fiverr some months ago and uses my social media skills to earn some cash. Me and my friend have decided to start a gaming website and made a schedule for the work we needed to get done. Decided to get everything necessary done via fiverr. So I ordered up a gig from a seller I’ve worked with before and requested prior to ordering via message as to what I am looking for. She replied saying yes and she can get something like what I said done.

I was happy and then I proceeded to order. She delivered after 1 day I think and the design looked nothing like what I asked for. It was a disaster! I let her know my disapproval via the “request modification” and all she did was reply to that via a message. Not even a rectified design.

I then request her to cancel the order which she declined. I then take this problem to the customer support like you’re suppose to. They replied but then did not afterwards which went for 3 days until the order automatically got completed. Now I’ve wasted time I could have used to stay ahead of the schedule but instead I’ve had the worst fiverr experience ever. It’s these type of sellers that ruins the whole atmosphere and lack of fiverr’s action taken on them. I’ve attached the comparison for you to be the judge of this problem:

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To be honest, I don’t think what she delivered was of low quality. It’s actually quite similar to what you expected - thick font, gradient, hightlights…

I don’t know what exact information you gave her, so I’m not gonna judge at this point of time.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience! Did your seller offer revisions on her gig? I think some small tweaks of what she (making the text less rounded and capitalized for example) would bring it very close to what you requested. If you can talk to her about fixing up the existing design it might save you a lot of time and stress compared to reordering.

You should get what you ask for especially if you agreed before ordering but I do like her design a lot better than the one you gave her.

I also don’t think your two samples are that different. That said, she should have responded to your modification request in some way, even if it was to say she doesn’t offer revisions–or whatever her policy is. But buyers also have a responsibility to stick within the seller’s terms. If you got this design very cheaply, then paying again for her to revise it to your liking might be worth it. It seems like with just some tweaks it could be to your liking–color change, etc.

Did you get a reply from customer support? It’s not too late to get your money back if you are not 100% satisfied!

I would be frustrated as a buyer as well! I would contact support again, tell them you requested a mutual cancellation but the seller did not respond anymore!

I do think it’s different. when people send sellers image examples they are expecting something identical or at least very similar. I am not sure if you gave her enough information because I’ve noticed that a lot of people neglect giving requested order information like color specifications or font design or style, because they are not sure about what they want! And when a seller deliver based on the given information they kinda have a better picture now and start requesting modifications which I really hate if it was based on lack of information or change in taste.

Reply to @willpower_hk: Yeah I think so too. She was really good. I’ve used her gig in 2 occasions before. But the problem here is that she did not offer any tweaks / revisions. Instead insisted me to take what she did.

Reply to @luckygutsy: That’s what I’m saying. If she had offered revisions then I would have been completely satisfied. Besides this is not the first time that I used her services. I’ve actually ordered her gig twice before and she did fantastic jobs.

Reply to @steveeyes: I’ve used her services before. She let me down just this once and didn’t offer revisions.

If Fiverr enforced the Modification policy in their TOS, 99% of the mod requests would be rejected. But they don’t enforce it and don’t have the manpower at CS to settle all the disputes.

Reply to @writerlisaz: She did not have a no-revision policy. I’ve used her services before, twice. She just failed at this order. I posted a negative review but then edited it to a positive review since me myself as a seller knows how much of a burden a negative review is.

Reply to @annai80: Yes I got a reply the same day I reported them and I instantly replied hoping for a fast response. But then they just took 3 more days and finally replied again. By that time the damage was done. I got them to reply after 3 days by posting on the fiverr facebook fan page. At least their social media admins do a better job.

Reply to @tictac7: If she had offered revisions then I would have been completely satisfied. Besides this is not the first time that I used her services. I initially contacted her before placing the order asking whether she could do it and accept only if she could. She said yes. If she had refused I wouldn’t have placed the order in the first place.

Reply to @steveeyes: That is true. They should focus on the buyers they already have and not focus on marketing to hunt for more.

Reply to @awesomesachi: I would contact them again! Through the delayed response the order was marked as complete and therefor you should still insist on a refund :wink:

Reply to @silberma1976: Customer Support didn’t cancel the order and release my funds so I made my own logo since I was so far behind schedule and cannot take more funds from my previously planned figures.

Reply to @awesomesachi: What kind of graphic did you get in the past? Did you do it the same way, meaning provide a sample like that and say where is what I want?

While I can see where the style is different, although I think the buy in the final piece matches the style of the first logo, when you show someone something, they cannot just copy it.

Reply to @awesomesachi: How much did you pay by the way for this gig? Was it a custom gig or just a $5 gig?