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I have had one order, how can I get more?


I have been selling on Fiverr for about a month now and about 2 weeks ago I got my first order. I was really excited and finished it quickly and got paid but haven’t seen any activity on my post since. You can find my service here: I feel like my page looks professional enough for people to feel comfortable with paying me but I don’t know if I need more traffic or to look more professional. I am going to work harder on promoting my work through social media to get more traffic, does anyone know other ways to get more sales and traffic?



send buyer request Daily and give customer custome offers that no body give them, and just re modify your gigs.


Thanks for the reply,
I’m a bit confused with buyer requests, how do they work. I never see any requests in the tab when I go to it, is something wrong or is nobody requesting?


yeah when i was new here it also happen with me but don’t be worried sometimes it happens that there is nobody requesting. check daily and try to make 7 gigs first complete your gigs if you did not complete. hope my answer gives you some benefits thanks.


send buyer request with your special offers :grinning: