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I have having issues with a seller. 3 questions


So I posted that I needed an explainer video with voice. Several sellers were very aggressive emailing me every 10 minutes. I gave in and chose a pushy one. Well its been not good. He was to supply a voice, and didnt- all he had was a computer generated. So I said go get one, and he says he didnt have the money to buy a voice over on Fiverr and for me to do it and he will lower his price of $100 down to $70 as we found a medium quality for $30. I said cancel and resubmit a lower price and I’ll accept, he said no, he will do a resolution after it is all over and lower the cost afterwards. I trust him.

He gets it all done but says the video file is huge, and he will have to send me a google link after I accept it because Fiverr wont let it send it is so big. He sends me a small sample, which kind of looks ok. so I trust him and accept it. It shows completed on my end. He says he can not send me a link because he has not gotten paid from Fiverr and I need to accept the order, which I did. He wants to send me a 2nd order to accept, I said no, I might get charged twice!

So I opened a dispute or whatever it is called- seeking Fiverr to resolve this. He says he hasn’t got paid, the order on my end shows closed and “awaiting feedback.”

This has been my worst experience by far on Fiverr. Horrible. I have had so many good ones.


  1. If it shows "“waiting for feedback” or to rate this transaction on my side, does it mean he has been paid?
  2. Is there a limit on the size of file Fiverr will allow to be sent? Is his story true that he needs to send it to me with a google drive link after he is paid- this makes it so I can not see the entire project.
  3. How long does it take for Fiverr to respond and review a request for resolution.
    I have spent 100 times the time on this issue, getting 30 emails a day from this dude such as " have you paid yet" (yes) and “close out so I can get paid” (which I did and sent him a screen shot showing it).


It takes 14 days for a seller to get paid on Fiverr. Once you mark it as complete, the little countdown starts.

The limit is about 100MB. He should send you the file before the order is marked as complete. So, you should not have ‘accepted’ until you had the file.

Fiverr used to take 15 minutes to respond to tickets (I presume you sent a ticket through, but it has been taking about 24 hours recently.


Problems with large files are common, so many sellers upload them to DropBox or a similar service, and send their buyers the link. However, the seller should do it when delivering the order, otherwise it’s called “empty delivery” (and those are strictly forbidden by the Terms of Service; sellers can get banned for them).

As for getting paid: you purchase the order, and your funds are held in escrow. 2 weeks after the order is marked as complete (it gets marked as complete after you accept it and rate it, or 3 days after the delivery if you do nothing), the seller gets the funds.


According to this link:

The upload limit for a single file is 100 MB (ie. on delivered files) and the total uploadable is 150 MB max.

I’m wondering why the explainer video is >100 MB (I suppose some might be - but isn’t that a bit big for an explainer video, which will usually be no more than a few minutes long and compressed?). Also, as well as having the option to use dropbox/filedropper etc. why not just increase the compression on the video(s) -( I’m assuming it doesn’t need to be further edited etc. and will just be played as is)?


I think they should have different upload limits for different kind of GIGS.


Hi. Choosing pushy sellers might not be the best idea, they might have to be pushy to get orders at all, but I guess you know that now, to your questions…

  1. No. It means it´s waiting for you to accept and rate the delivery of your order.
    If you do not accept/review after he delivered, there is a 3 day autocompletion timer which will automatically mark the order completed 3 days after the time of the delivery (This is because it happens that buyers just disappear and then a seller would never get paid for their work). You will still be able to rate the order for up to 30 days after delivery. The money you pay when you accept a gig, is being held in escrow by fiverr. The seller only gets it after a ‘clearance period’ of 14 days (seller level 0-2) or 7 days (seller level Top Rated Seller) in which you still have time to complain to Customer Support if anything is wrong.

  2. Yes, there is indeed a limit on size you can upload. I think it´s 150 MB, I had to split orders or send them in zip files before when the individual files were too big and still could. I believe it says 100 MB somewhere, but I recently sent a delivery with 2 zip files, each of them was over 100 and under 150 MB and it worked. I just delivered one and then used the redelivery option so the buyer had both then. But I do translations, so that´s of course different to video. I´ve asked Customer Support on how to deliver bigger files or when fiverr delivery doesn´t work (it does happen) and they recommend dropbox for such cases, as it can be done in an anonymous way. BUT he should send you the link in/as the delivery, not later.

  3. They use to reply rather fast often, sometimes not that fast, it depends, you´ll get an automated reply right away, which will mention the ‘current first response average time’ or something like that, so you´ll know your ticket got through and is in their queue now. I got replies anything from within an hour up to within less than 24 hours recently, mostly it´s pretty fast.

You could tell your seller that ‘Empty Deliveries’ are forbidden by Fiverr and to redeliver by sending you the link. He only needs to push the Redeliver button and send you the link as the delivery, there´s no good excuse to not do that and if he does and you get the link and the video is what you paid for, you can decide then how to rate him (you can rate different categories, so if the product itself is okay you could rate good for that, but rate him badly for the pushy messages and the holding back the work). And if he doesn´t send the link or the link isn´t to the video you paid for or something, you can give up and just rate him accordingly, or ask for a revision, or contact Customer Support, describe the issue and ask them for their suggestion on how to proceed.
Or of course you could go to Customer Support right away because of his empty delivery, that´s up to you.


Thanks everyone! He sent me a sample, but ya, I guess it was an empty delivery.
The file was an intense one, 8 minutes of audio, for an educational lecture with graphics, so huge. Not your typical short video.
I clicked RESOLVE ISSUE at the top right of the screen where we have emailed many times before. I DID NOT receive an automated reply right away or ever.

Is there another way to get Fiverr’s help on this… besides the Resolve Issue request?

Thanks in advance


I didnt leave a review… maybe that is why it is held up!


Ah, I think we all took your question on the response time of Customer Support as the reply time to a ticket, you´d send one here:

No, you don´t have to review at all, it´s completely optional.


I think he is trying to get away with a good review and it seems like he is holding the work until you leave one. Know the review is optional and it doesn’t hold the work up. Since you already accepted it it’s completed and his payment will be released in 14 days.

He sounds like a scammer. I would definitely report him to customer support. What the seller did is against Fiverr’s TOS. Sorry about your bad experience. There are a lot of great sellers here, it’s unfortunate you found a bad apple in a bunch.


I’m not sure if someone’s already said this but it’s also against Fiverr’s ToS for sellers to spam buyers with unwanted contact. You can report them and block them so they can’t contact you again.


Looks like problem resolved ?