I have high gig views but less number of orders


Hello everyone,

I’m level 2 seller and I offer Business card designing. I got normally 50 around gig view per day, But 1-3 orders getting per day. So can anyone tell me why I’m not getting much order per day. My link is https://www.fiverr.com/users/exdesigns/ If anyone help me, it’s a pleasure.

Thanks a lot!!
Love Fiverr <3 <3 <3


I think, it is because everyone is on vacation. New sellers are more affected than the old ones.


increase your average selling price . you will get ranking .


Hi :slight_smile: What do you mean by increasing average selling price? Can you please explain.


Thanks :slight_smile: But all days the same. I mean all week days.


@haris_designs Can you help in understanding how increasing average selling price will help in ranking? Thankyou


yeah after changes in algorithm Now When some one have high average selling price they will Get Ranking i heard it from Top Rated Sellers. my average selling price is 41$ and my gig is ranked i am getting enough impressions. i hope it is Quite Clear it doesn’t mean that avoid using tags , Quality Image , unique Description etc etc . Thanks