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I have hired great people from fiverr But

I have lost my computer which had my log in info and now im trying to find the great people i have worked with before and also cant find fiverr direct contact info can anyone help with this?

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Did you favourite any of their gigs? If u did check your favourites there should be there.

Direct contact is Give them 24-48 hours for a reply, if you mail repeatedly, it creates several tickets for the same issue else, I think.

no i was new and worked with about 10 all were great i created a new log in but now doesnt show my past just thought fiverr might have a way to get back in to old account.

Miiila perfect thank you!!

You can contact Fiverr customer support and they will find a way to recover your account.
It will be very difficult for you to start again with a new account because you won’t be able to find the people you have worked with if you don’t know their user name because some categories are too saturated.
Good Luck

you can contact your previous sellers by Contacts > My Sellers or you can see your inbox or notification from your email or inbox.
Crashing your computer or burning your house doesn’t mean you are losing all of your history data on your Fiverr account :roll_eyes:

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