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I have ID in my National language URDU they accept only English


I have ID in my National language URDU they accept only English

This is racism and discrimination against my national people and fellows

I am lucky enough to move to another country thus i can use fiverr to sell services

What about my family and friends who are using the site in pakistan and they have only URDU cards

and giving 15 days just for verification is a slap to poor people

this is the most absurd decision i have ever seen

I hope fiverr sees this and learns the lesson that people are the power.

Impossible to verify ID on fiverr??
How to verify identity Urdu CNIC Card in pakistan?

try with your passport or driving license…but now government of Pakistan is also issuing a English id card known as “SMART CARD” So you must try with you a smart card .


I know everything about the “SMART CARD” but its impossible to make it in a week. It takes nearly 2 months to make one!


The ID and the driving license are assumed to be in the national language.
Who came out with this request?


please contact CS they will help you …follow this link .


Probably copy-paste of the usual options (national ID, driving license, passport), except that I don’t remember, say, Payoneer, demanding that the document is in English.


this is kinda crAZY, people would be spending alot of money to make new english cards, what if countries that dont even make english cards for instance

and why would should any body go through hassle to create those cards even when they never know fiverr can kick them out or knock the gig out of the searches

i am seriously disappointed when i heard my friend account got banned because of 3 tries maximum, all he had was a low budget phone and ID in the national language urdu

He got banned for something that is not his fault the AI should be smart enough to know this

I am verified because i have luckily overseas ID (btw i never know that for sure)


Just look at this from the prospective of fiverr. It’s internatinal platform supported by English speakers and gigs can be only in English here.
They just can not verify each document for each country in their national language. Especially because some internal documents in some countries looks like a paper that you can easily fake.
They are just trying to follow international standards and they don’t have enough people speaking each language.


It’s hard to understand the whole story. Who said/wrote that the ID must be in English? Can you quote the request?


It’s their duty. They ask for a valid ID and, as long as the ID is valid, the user is in the clear. Otherwise they should declare that the platform is open only to those who have an ID in English.


With international law only valid ID will be ID in English.
If I bring my Russian internal passport it wouldn’t be valid. Internal documents only valid INTERNALY. This is international company and valid ID should be covered with international law because they have different level of protection


Time to forward the question to CS I am afraid. I will keep you posted.


It’s neither racism nor discrimination, it’s simply an oversight. If it was racism directed against Pakistani, only Urdu would be forbidden, and not every language that isn’t English.

Fiverr is an Israeli company, and I don’t see them allowing documents in Hebrew, either.


Yes I’m feeling the same, they (in CS) don’t have enough manpower or even all the CS agents are not enough skilled too. I sent a PSD file both as attachment and via DropBox too. He can’t download/open it. I’m not mentioning his (CS agent’s) name here because of his reputation and the case is not solved yet.


This is beyond ridiculous.


Sometimes it happen when requests are overflowing. But I hope they are trying with their best.


When I Google “Pakistan national identity card”, there are loads of images of “the CNIC (Computerised National Identity Card) that Pakistan is using” and they are in English actually, apart from the name of the ID owner in both local and English script.

My own ID has German/English/French, I assume many if not most or all countries nowadays issue IDs that at least have English too.

Price is another issue, those things aren’t cheap here either, but everyone is obliged to have one in any case, so we have the “advantage” in this case of being able to produce one right away, on the other hand one could say that people in countries where it’s not obligatory had that advantage of not needing to have (and pay for) one so long.

If those CNICs are a new(er) thing and not everyone has/must have one anyway, Fiverr definitely should grant people the time it takes to get one (same for any country similar things apply to), but IDs that are usable to ID people even without needing staff that speaks n languages exist.


And what if any other country only extends documents in the own language? All those sellers would be thrown out of Fiverr for not being able to validate with an English content document?

All this makes litlle to no sense…


Unless they actually meant that the data on the document must be transliterated using the latin alphabet. That is not “English”.


I would really like to see an actual screenshot of what Fiverr asked for. I can confirm or deny what is required. I have seen griping based on random info so far.