I have idea what can help to protect Fiverr sellers from dishonest buyers!


Dear Fiverr members and staff!

We know that there are small % of dishonest buyers on Fiverr - people who order GIG and not accepting delivery even if you over deliver your gig they try to cancel order and take their money back. Reason for that is that they are trying to get all for free.

I have simple idea in mind what can help protect all fiverr sellers:
Will be great if Fiverr add option what will be visible only for sellers.
Every seller can leave comment for buyer so if seller will see that buyer got 5 negative comments it will be reason to thing if that is worth to spend your time on such buyer.

What you thing about this?


I think you’ll find this has been discussed on many occasions previously - it wouldn’t be allowed in the same way a certain auction website no longer allows negative feedback for buyers.

Private or not, which website is going to encourage sellers to leave negative feedback about buyers?

Without buyers, there’s no marketplace.


(i know I am running out of memes!)


You are…


Indeed as mentioned in other topics, doing so will create a hostile situation, having sellers and buyers alike hating each other…


Actually, this is the 2nd best one you’ve posted. I downloaded for my brother. :blush:


If gig cost 5 usd and buyer will keep requesting modifications again and again. What will you do ? What you can do is only cancel order at moment. Many buyers know this trick and keep using it to get service for free.


When you say many buyers are doing this, how many have you had?

Have you contacted customer services?


I had only few dishonest buyers. But on fiverr platform there are many of them :slight_smile:


I understand completely what you’re saying - there is the potential for buyers to play the system and to be dishonest (just as there is for sellers!), but I think perhaps we don’t give customer services the credit they deserve for weeding out the bad apples.

Like you, I’ve only had a couple, and CS have sorted them out really quickly - I certainly haven’t lost any money due to dishonest buyers.


yep losing only your time


I stumbled across a refund-seeker yesterday. I had delivered what was agreed, but the buyer said that they want a refund because they realized after receiving the delivery that they needed something else. It’s like eating at a restaurant and then saying, “Your sushi was nice but I wanted a soup, and I only realized that after I finished eating the sushi, so I guess I get to walk out without paying.”

Very true.

So, I just brought it to the notice of CS. They basically said that the buyer will have to prove that what was delivered was different from what was ordered and told me to work with the buyer to reach a solution. << I find this reasonable on part of CS.

I sent a message to the buyer asking them to explain how the delivery differs from what they ordered. So, now the onus is on them to not look like a fool trying to explain their little ‘I don’t feel like paying for it’ tantrum to CS.