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I have impressions but no orders

hy iam a new user I have 52 imoressions on my gig but no orders please help me


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Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey! Welcome to the community! I’m still fairly new as well (since May 2020) I took a look at your gig and I thought I’d suggest a few things that may help.

  1. Provide samples in the gig, show some of your previous work or just different designs a person can expect. The client could be inspired by some of your existing work and request something similar.

  2. This is just my personal opinion and what I’ve experienced on Fiverr, it is to make the gig description shorter and include a message at the end to encourage buyers to feel free to ask you anything etc… I also find that a more casual approach in writing the description has worked better for me than a fully formally written description.

And of course if you’re not submitting offers for buyer requests that’s definitely one of the most important things to do!

Hope this helps!

Hi Zoha Imran,
I always say that getting orders on Fiverr is a constant struggle. All the time we need to be very vigilant. There is not a single aspect that we can ignore. Whether it be our skillset, impressions, clicks, buyer requests, descriptions, titles or images, in all these we have to be competent and conscious. Just keep learning and learning is not useful until applied.
All the best