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I have initiated withdrawal and it displays completed but no email recieved through payoneeer

The withdrawn was completed successfully according to the fiverr account but no email recieved through payoneer. Kindly help!!


Wait for it. It takes some time! Is it your first time withdrawing?

Actually I entered incorrect bank details for my paynoeer account amd the past withdrawal is stuck in pending transaction. Whereas the account is being updated so quite worried from both sides.

You still have one more option of adding a bank account to payoneer. 2 Accounts can be added to payoneer. Use that instead or contact payoneer customer support, they will review your issue and probably reverse your payments to your payoneer account.

I did contacted them and entered a correct account and it was verfied today but the payment hasn’t being returned yet.

I just wanted to make sure that the amount doesn’t go misplaced I will recieve it ?

Don’t worry about it. The amount won’t be misplaced anywhere and will probably reverse back to your payoneer account after some time. Make sure to keep reminding payoneer customer support!

Thank you and what about the new withdrawal being initiated. But not recieved a mail regarding it. I did on saturday actually but havent recieved an email regarding it.

You’ll get it on business days as you did a withdrawal on weekend. Maybe by tomorrow or day after. Usually doesn’t takes much time, But sometimes it slacks!

Thank you so much. Could you please share the customer support of payoneer where they actually respond.

Well you can either mail them or get in their live chat but it will take a lot time for them to respond. It’s better to call them on their helpline number. Works for me always!

I live in pakistan so dont actually have a helpline number here.

Let me send it to you!

Thank you!! Hope it works

same here, I’m also experiencing this right now, fiverr says the withdrawal is success but I haven’t received any email from payoneer yet, and when I checked my payoneer account it is still not reflected. I also noticed that I haven’t submitted a government ID just yet, would I still be able to access my money after fiverr reviews my documents? (it’s my first time withdrawing) pls help :frowning:

You can contact payoneer helpline. They’ll guide you

is it available 24/7 and may i know what is their helpline :frowning: im worried that i wouldn’t be able to get my money, since it says that the withdrawal was successful from fiverr

The helpline is 24 hours availabe

+16466583695 this is there number