I have just about had enough!


And I’m deadly serious!

Fiverr, you have to understand you offer a server here that plays with peoples lives and how they go about their business on a daily basis.

So sort these bloody issues out!

  1. Make buyers aware that after a certain amount of time they cannot request edits. It’s getting silly! I have people contacting me after 10 days asking for amendments - after I have delivered the gig in my allotted time. They seem to think this is OK! Can you not tell them it isn’t! We (sellers) have to work within an allotted time so PLEASE ensure they understand they have an allotted time to respond! Any request that a buyer makes after a period of time IS NOT put into our queue and so we don’t respond - it’s a request that is written on the back of an envelope that we may forget about due to us trying to work within YOUR system.

  2. ALLOW TIPS!!! Your guys must love the fact you get $1 for every $5 spent. Don’t get me wrong, you have a bloody good platform here but STOP SCREWING US OVER!!! We have asked for a tip button for a long time and you spend time introducing a crap star system but haven’t the time to sort a tipping system that will allow YOU and US to benefit. Get it sorted or answer the question directly!

  3. MAKE IT CLEAR WHAT THE TURNAROUND OF GIGS IS!!! I’m so fed up with people asking me where their gig is! It is 5 working days!!! But because the don’t read it, I get 80% asking me within 24 hours where there gig is!

    I feel we are being used as ‘slaves’ to an extent here and I’m on the verge of quitting!

    Really annoyed about you guys at the moment!



You can simply create a Gig that acts as a tip jar for satisfied buyers. A lot of sellers have such Gigs for that specific purpose.


I totally agree with all 3 points. Once a buyer accepts your work, then the time for edits ends. Same with feedback. If a buyer can’t leave feedback within x amount of days, then they lost their chance.


I’ve suspended my gigs for 1 month.

That won’t hurt me as I have AMPLE work outside of Fiverr (without sounding like a twonk).

I just think you guys have an amazing platform here and you are totally not listening to your sellers.

We make you. Don’t forget that!


Why is it Fiverr’s fault that your buyers don’t read your gig descriptions? If you write in a gig description something like:“includes 1 modification requested within 3 days of delivery”, then you don’t have to honor any more. If the buyer makes a fuss, then show CS that the buyer is asking for something outside the gig description; they should back you. And if they don’t, then maybe it’s time to start your own online business. Or leave.

And for heaven’s sake, what’s wrong with adding a “tip” gig?

All the things you are ranting about have to do with buyer’s behaviors. When did Fiverr become a babysitter, here to hand hold for you and your buyers? Everyone who signs up with Fiverr claims to have read the TOS. Is Fiverr supposed to go beat up anyone who obviously didn’t do so?

And frankly you do sound like a “twonk”, because you’re just talking to other members here, not Fiverr administrators.