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I have just noticed a warning regarding my level 1 demotion

I have just noticed a warning regarding my level 1 demotion.
I did not have any orders for 7 months and i have also replied to the few messages that i have receved in a matter of a few hours maximum.
Please see attached a screenshot of my current situation.
Can someone tell me where is the problem and what i can do since i do not have any orders i dont undetstand what can affect my current level.
I see there are two ratings greyed out. One is for all time orders and another one with the rating. None of them have been affected during the last 7 months. Where is the issue and what i can do?
Thanks !

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If you haven’t had any orders or ratings for about 7 months I assume the stats would have shown about the same thing last month too. I assume it will just stay the same in the next evaluation like it has done for the last few months (and ignore the avg rating since there are none for the last 60 days). I expect you’ll stay at level 1 and not get demoted if nothing else changes.

Sending offers to buyer requests can help with orders if you see some you could do well.


Thanks for the reply!
That was also one of my thoughts, i think and hope the warning just stays there and will not demote my level if there is nothing to affect it.
Also thanks for the advice with the buyer requests!