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I have just placed my first ever order!

I stumbled across this site through google searches and so far so good.

After receiving 18 offers to do my order I decided to go with a young guy with only one review.
He has been very pleasant to chat to and understood the requirements of my Arduino based project.

I was a little apprehensive about being scammed when I first read about this site but after reading through this forum it immediately put me at ease.

Looking forward to seeing the end product and hopefully leaving my man a 5 star review.


I hope it goes really well for you! :grinning:


You took a bold step. Time to sit back relax and enjoy the Fiverr experience. All the best with your Arduino project.


Welcome. I’m glad you’re having a positive experience.


Thankyou everyone. I think I’ll put the laptop away for the night and let Fiverr work for me :slight_smile:


Grettings Fiverrs

So tell us @allanmcmullan how did everything went? did you give your man the 5 * ?

Hope your first Experience was good. I’m new to Fiverr too. and waiting for my first experience :smiley: