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I have lost getting any customers. What should I do?

Hello Beautiful People!

I am almost 1 year old at Fiverr. I am a level 1 seller but I am facing some problems right now which are;
My gig stats are getting lower every day (don’t know why even after being online 24/7).
I can’t find any customers
I haven’t got any orders or messages from anyone for the last 3 months.

Right now I am really worried because this is the only thing that I do for a living.
I am here for some great advice from you well-experienced sellers.

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Eoin is a well-experienced seller. :bearded_person:t2:

PS, it is considered rude by many people for someone to say, “I expect.” Using that terminology makes your request seem like a command! :man_judge:


that’s a accent difference I think. By the way I have just removed that word. thanks

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