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I have lost level 2 AND level 1 today. Why?


Hi everyone,

I used to be (my profile currently says that I still am) a Level 2 seller. I have 100% ratings on all my gigs, I have a decent amount of orders and I am polite to each and every buyer.

I have received two e-mails telling me that I have lost level 2 and then that I have also lost level 1 due to my recent activity.

What could I have done wrong? I don’t spam, I only reply to people who contact me, I always deliver on time (usually way before the deadline)… I’d say I’m a very cautious seller, always staying clear of problems.

This is really upsetting :(( … does anyone have a solution to this?

Kind Regards,



Hey Carla,

Right now you’re showing as a level 2 seller, sometimes there is a glitch in the system, and it has happened to a few sellers. Just to be sure please drop customer support a heads up and see if there is a problem with your account they will be sure to help you out. Let us know how you get on !




Hi @carlaism, I’m sorry to hear what’s happened to you. Have you contacted Customer Support yet? Perhaps they can explain. Maybe it’s just a system glitch. I am only currently a buyer, but I’ve had my account say some really wacky things at one time or another. When I contacted Customer Support they told me not to pay any attention to the weird stuff and it would sort itself out in a few hours and it did.

I hope you can get it figured out quickly. Just stay calm and try to get as much info as you can from Customer Support. Perhaps take screen shots of the emails to make sure you can show them what they said.

Good luck, let us know how it turns out.


Reply to @ozzieuk: Hi Wayne, Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have contacted Customer Support and I really can’t wait for them to tell me what I have done wrong or what happened. Hopefully, it’s just a glitch. I’ll let you know how things work out.




Reply to @istanley: Hi @istanley! Yes, I have contacted Customer Support. I hope it’s a glitch. I am pretty sure I haven’t done anything wrong.

Yes, the screen shots are a very good idea, thank you!




your level is showing up and your gig’s extras are also active that means you havn’t lost your level…so no need to worry that may be some bug or anything else :slight_smile:


Have you cancelled any gigs lately?


Reply to @mukeshranahhh: I really hope so… :slight_smile:


Reply to @mrspanda: No. My last cancellation happened last year and my order to cancellation ratio is in good standing, compared to other people’s to whom I’ve talked to and whose accounts are just fine. I have almost 200 completed orders and 7 cancellations so far.


Hi, just looked at your gigs and you are still level 2 good luck…Guy


Reply to @caliente: Hi Guy,

Yes, I know. I also see that I am level 2. I just can’t explain why I got those e-mails telling me that I lost my levels. Thank you and I wish you good luck with your gigs too! :slight_smile:


I have just received the e-mail from Customer Support and they apologized and asked me to disregard the e-mails I have received earlier.

So yeah, I believe it was a glitch after all. Yay! <:-P

Thank you all for the support! :slight_smile:


Reply to @arnevb: Yes, I feel SO relieved! :slight_smile:


Same thing happened to me few days ago and, can confirm, I’ve not lost my level :smiley:


Reply to @mark74 & @carlaism

Glad you both got it sorted, it’s happened a few times recently and can be a bit worrying !

Keep gigging :smiley:


Reply to @ozzieuk: I had no idea it has happened before. I really panicked! But yes, it’s wonderful that everything is the same, I feel a huge relief.

Thanks for the support! Good luck with your sales! :smiley:


Just seen this thread and I have had the exact same thing.

Hoping it is also just a glitch.


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Just seen this thread and I have had the exact same thing.

Hoping it is also just a glitch.


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