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I Have lost my First customer on my very first day of freelancing

Yeah.its true I have been active on Fiverr since last year but I decided to take it seriously a month ago. I posted 3 gigs, put all my efforts and tips from other freelancers in making the gigs and I did make some nice looking gigs. Then I just started waiting for orders and on the very same day some guy messaged me and he wanted to get some work done but I wasn"t online but when I got back and asked him what he wanted he said he had found some other guy for his work because I did"not reply me on time and as a matter of fact I replied him two hrs after his message.
So, that"s how I have lost my first order on my very first day on Fiverr and still I have got no orders


Sad to hear. Install Fiverr’s app for quick responses. Also keep on refreshing Buyer Requests and send offers, you might get attention. Good luck!


Joining groups?
Trust me, that groups gives you clicks and views, but they will not get you orders, and without orders alot of views on gig can hurt you statistics.


Oh I didn’t know that, someone on forum suggested me that. Thank you for the advice.


Thanks for the help, I will surely act on it :upside_down_face:

Yeah it hurts and in my cases 250+ views on my gigs and still no order

I got 100 000 views on my gigs, and only 135 orders, so dont be upset :wink:

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