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I have lost traction completely :(

So, I provide logos and I got my first 3 orders, after my first order my gig started ranking super high and started getting 800-1k impressions a week but little clicks.

After my 2 other orders of $10 each I had gained some traction and a week later after I got my 4th order which is $30 and it took me 11 days to complete and the buyer was happy but not responsive at all.

He did not leave a review which I do not mind at all but after that order my gig started ranking down and getting almost 0-2 impressions a week in almost all my gigs.

What can I do?


In my opinion, this has nothing to do with you and most likely Fiverr’s algorithm. I’ve faced similar circumstances where my gig impressions spike up and then suddenly drop even though my orders are consistent.

Because there are hundreds and maybe thousands of freelancers, they do have to mix it up and give everyone a chance to be on the first 1-3 pages of the search. For me, my impressions were high again after a week or two, at most.

If yours still isn’t, then I would suggest reviewing your profile; mixing up keywords, SEO, etc. For me, I would advertise on twitter by searching for users that were looking for services that I provided and then messaging them personally.


was the 4th order you completed a late delivery?


No I delivered it 3 days early but since buyer was unresponsive we finished the remaining of the project in inbox

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i have a similar issue. i am having a 500-1000 impression on one of my gigs, if i don’t get a new order in a week it’s impressions drops, again if i get new order it goes up again. Its completely controlled by algorithm and we have noting to do but promoting/ or getting new orders from old buyers.


Thnaks mahedihassan9 :slight_smile:


ill se what I can do with your wonderful advice.

Ill take action and hope for the best as its been around 3 weeks since this started happening