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I have lots of clicks but not a ton of conversions. Advice?

Here is my most popular gig for context:

I think your Gig description harms your chances of making a sale. It’s so short!

If you don’t have much to say, write your description using the inverted pyramid structure. Start with a summarizing lede and include a couple of paragraphs expanding on that. End with a small paragraph that includes any extra details.

You could also create an FAQs section to answer questions buyers may have about your service. After looking at your Gig, a few questions that come to my mind are: Do you follow a style guide? If so, which one? Can you follow others upon request? Can you write in British/Australian/American English? Are there any topics you can’t/won’t write about?

If a buyer still has unanswered questions after reading your description/FAQ section, chances are they’ll just click away from your Gig. Try as much as possible to get inside your ideal buyer’s head. Put all the info they’d want and need into your Gig.


What’s “a lot” and what’s “a ton”?


Wow. this is ridiculously helpful. Thanks!


You’re welcome. I just checked out your Gig, and it’s looking much better already!

You could also consider uploading samples of your work in the form of images or a PDF.

You have an impressive work history. I’m sure it would count in your favour if buyers could see real-life examples of your talent.

If you don’t want to include samples of full articles, you could use just a lede and nut graf. They’re the two most important parts of an article anyway.

Something to think about. :slight_smile: