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I have made 5 gigs from last month (no orders help!) :(

I am new at this community, I need to learn many things about selling but I am a professional in real life. I want to make my profile with excellent reviews. But I am not getting any order :frowning:


Send buyer request daily

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Hey and welcome to Fiverr!

I’d say promote your gigs as much as you can, send as many offers as you can every day until you get at least one order. I’ve taken a look at your gigs and they seem pretty well made, so now you have to focus on marketing. I hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply! What is the best time for sending requests?

Sorry, my bad. I meant sending offers to buyers, not sending requests themselves. Actually, sellers sending requests are quite a problem here.

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Keep tracking the Buyer Requests section, it can get updated at any time. Avoid using the same pitch (copy paste) for the every request. Be to the point in the statement.
The other thing is the social promotion of your gigs to the relevant groups and pages. Fir the better promotion dont just go to the group and post your gigs there, join the group, be a participating member over there in a few days and the let the people know how can you help them in the areas you are providing your services here.
Hope it helps. Let me know if anything is not clear.

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Sometimes BR won’t help, because thousands of sellers use BR to attract clients. There are tips and tricks to use BR in effective way. Please search forum for more details. @smartanas39 I looked at your profile. You should optimize you profile. Add more skills. Link your social media accounts to fiverr profile and promote your gigs to your target audience. :smiley: Refer Tips for seller category.


give buyer requests daily.
change some profile settings
use your real photo.
change gig tags.

keep working.good luck


Can you suggest me some tags?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@excelmaster050 Suggest me some tags.

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100% agree with @excelmaster050.


Help me in that case!

Listen, Follow & gain :wink:


@andrea_kizinger thanks for your suggestion. I want to know something which social media is fruitful to share ones gig?

Send out 10 buyer requests everyday. Do the best work you can deliver and make sure your customers are happy. Make sure to ask customers to review your work. It starts out slow but picks up fast. Work Work and Work.

I dont know if i am right
These are my routine task

Apply buyer request
Share my gig on my social account daily
Change my gig weekly

Use Facebook adverts and create a community around what you do. (Via your own FB pages and groups- it will going to impact your business positively )

@smartanas39 Same position …please help me…thanks.

im also having this same problem i was selling maybe 1 to 3 gigs a week then i got maybe 2 bad reviews then my rating went down and have not had a sale since. Ill give this a try to see if it helps me aswell by sending requests for stuff i am good in.

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