I have made a stupid mistake


i have been working on fiverr for quite a while & so far my experience was good. but today i made a stupid mistake i have withdrawn an amount of USD 790 from fiverr to my paypal account. The withdrawal was successful but since my paypal was not verified i made the refund from paypal to fiverr ( as i am new to paypal i didn’t knew how it works). Now my paypal account has been debited & they have send the money back to fiverr. But its not showing in my account. I have contacted fiverr & they said they cant do anything & they are providing me with pre designed answers.

Kindly suggest me what can i do as i am in dire need of funds.


You know what to do. Use your skills 47. Assassinate.

But seriously, only Fiverr support could answer that.


Verify your Paypal account and contact a Paypal representative to see if they can help. Good luck :wink: