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I have many pageviews still not many orders

I have many pageviews but still there are not many orders for me why

can anybody helpppp!!!

You need to make your gig picture more attractive, Example like some flat design about your gig categlory

First, getting customers takes time and you just have to be patient. Second, if you have traffic but little or no orders, then it means that buyers just aren’t attracted to your service - try to adjust every aspect of the presentation of your profile and gig page to make buyers more interested in what you have offer. This means high quality images, a well written profile and gig description, appropriate search tags and good deals and extras.

Just because you have a gig doesn’t mean you’ll have hundreds of orders right away… Fiverr doesn’t work like a wish granting factory. :)>-

(I noticed you also made another post about your need for someone to critique your gigs. Well, here it goes!)

You have to work hard… You say you’ll write an awesome article – but think about it, do you think it’s awesome to read your bio --> “I am doing freelancing from last 1 year.” From that line alone it’s a turn off already for me.

Your signature logo? I think I can do something like that on my own – and I’m not even offering that kind of service. I wouldn’t even order from you even if I wanted one (tbh).

Perhaps you should offer something you’re really great at, I’m sure there is something you can offer from your skill set and promote your gigs as much as you can. :slight_smile:

You keep posting similar questions and not following the advice already given. I’ve given you a critical tip twice. You have ignored it. I’m not going to keep trying to help. Also these posts are all about YOU and your gigs, not tips that are for the seller community at large. These kind of posts should go in Fiverr Stories, Conversations, or My Fiverr Gigs.

Too many mistakes. You seem to not know how to use punctuation and your spacing is incorrect with the punctuation. YOur profile has too many mistakes, but so do some of the gig descriptions, you need to go through and fix that. Also, for your review gigs, why not have 2 more portfolio examples showcasing a screen snapshot of a review you wrote (make sure to get your clients permission first).

Also, for your logo gig, you do not have real logos just your name. And the photos are blurry and bitmapped, that does not look like high quality work. You need better samples.

You have received so many helpful tips/advice from other posts, ( and they were pretty clear too)
I am puzzled that you have not followed them.
Read through everything again and ask yourself "Did I really do everything, and when I compare
my gigs with the other popular seller, can I honestly say that they are the same level of quality?"
It’s not just the description, the samples are equally important too.

Thanks for the valuable tips

Reply to @dusuacangmon: can you elobrate

Reply to @nicktribedesign: can you help me with this
Thanks in advance

Reply to @theratypist: Thanks for the help

Reply to @theratypist: now i have deleted that statement freelancing from last one year

Reply to @fonthaunt: I have followed your adviceand make new gigs and correct my previous gigs
Thanks for your help

Reply to @rajat11: Your gigs do show signs of improvement, but you still are not using punctuation correctly. Since one of your gigs if for writing, this is a concern to buyers. To offer writing, the work should appear like native English. Here is a sample from your writing gig, how would you correct this?

“So tell me what do you need I can do everything in writing”

Reply to @rajat11: you can check my gig for example.