I have more 20 orders completed


I have 20 orders completed on my fiverr account and 4 orders cancelled my order completion rate is down and is 75% how can i improve it
Please help me
although i have completed 20 orders but i am still new seller why can’t i get Level One Seller Badge


Try this method.

Go and pause your any one Gig.


will this affect on order completion rate


No, Just pause you any Gig which has at least one review. And update me if there any changes.


Thanks a lot for giving me an idea i paused my two gigs and i got level one badge


what will happen if i reactivate my those two gigs


Now, you can reactive your Gigs. Hope There will be no change.


Yes there is no change
and how can i improve order completion rate
because till 15 january if i did not made it 90% they will make me new seller again
now it is 80%


It can only be improved by completing more and more orders. Please offer only that you can do.


Okay thanks i will try


to improve your Order Completion rate just avoid Cancelation,


Thanks for reply i will try


i improve my Order Completion Rate from 82% to 92% within just a month


please help me so fast can order , I have long joined but until now I have no order ,


If you don’t cancel any order for two month than your order completion rate will increase to 100,

The last 60 days is counted in order competition rate.


i believe if you will go to analystics page you will understand why