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I have more requests than I can handle

I created a brand new gig for making websites and blogs mobile-friendly:

It has gotten so popular that I’ve been able to “pause” my other web development gig. Usually I get 4 persons contact me all in the same day and 2 of those I can work on at once and complete in 3 days or so. The third and fourth persons I can take but their delivery time would be 6 days out if I make the order right away. However, when I tell them it takes 6 days, they don’t want to proceed because that’s too far away and go with someone else. I don’t want to lose customers. What should I do?

A good way of dealing with this is by setting up limited orders in queue, which can be done by clicking on one of your gigs on the “manage gigs” page, and from there you should see the option to limit how many orders you can have at once for that gig. Hopefully that helps to some degree!

When it comes to losing potential customers, it’s more their loss than yours. If they can’t handle how long a job will take, due to an influx of work on your end, it might mean they are individuals that you might not want to deal with. A lot of people will be more than happy to wait, whereas others might not and the impatience that they might have can make your job that much more stressful; something no one really wants.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that losing out on some customers here and there because they don’t want to wait a couple of extra days isn’t the end of the world. Besides, after long enough you’ll be getting newer and more prominent customers either way. Just a little bit of patience, that’s all. :slight_smile:

You can limit the order in Queue

I don’t want to limit the order. I more so want to manage the delivery times. Great point “it’s more their loss than yours”. Thank you. It does put things into perspective!

I don’t want to limit the order. I’d like to be able to better manage the delivery times/ client expectations. Any suggestions?