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I have Most Quality Gigs but unfortunately i didn't get any Order yet.. :-(

Hi Friends i am new in Fiverr, i have published my gigs 1 week ago , i have quality work in my profile but unfortunately i didn’t get any Order yet… :frowning: . i am little bit disappointed… can any one tell me how can i advertise my gigs…?

It can take weeks or months to get an order. Be patient and promote your gigs off of Fiverr. The best chance at success is to drive your own traffic to your own gigs.

don’t worry,Keep on try.Have a faith on fiverr you can become successful

Reply to @kjblynx: I didn’t even notice it was the same seller.

I know you have been offered help but I still see no changes to your gigs. I just looked at one and you have written “I NEED RATTING” just like that. I don’t see the point in trying to help if you make no effort to fix things. Do you post here hoping people will buy your gigs out of pity? You don’t seem to care about doing anything to help yourself.

give back my minutes and keystrokes that I used to give out suggestions back then >:/

keep at it, i know a friend that it took 9 months to get the 1st order, bust she kept promoting until she got order. she was new and did not know the proper promotional methods.Orders would come soon, in the main time promote outside fiverr on social media platforms such has linkedin, facebook,twitter and youtube. Avoid spamming social media, just give helpful tips and add your link at the end.

The really aggravating part is that they’ll probably be a best-seller in a few months.

It’s the same as how some of us complain about spammers, and yet it must work or they wouldn’t keep doing it. Who is the fool on Fiverr, the folks who try to do the right things, or the ones who break all the rules (with Fiverr on their side) and make money?

Being a decent human may help one sleep at night, but so does having the bills paid. :wink:

Yes you need to put it in a non competitive category and you need to promote it on social media. Make sure you got a good title not too long or short.

i have 2 gigs and still i didnt get any order yet…what should i do now??? how do i improve my gig selling? here is my gig…

With respect, you don’t offer anything that is not available from sellers with great ratings. I have seen gigs like yours where the seller offers to blur the background of 5,10 and even 20 images for $5, not just one.
For your other gig, I don’t know what “remarking a website” is?

Can see a big improvement in your result. You are now a level 2 seller! I believe it will be nice if you share how you achieved that level.

This is from 2015. He now has 55 reviews.