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I have my Fiverr gig up for a while but no orders

Hi All,

If you check my profile ( you will notice that I have been on Fiverr since 2017. Honestly I made the gigs and never checked back as I was just trying out different freelancing platforms. I have gotten back to it recently and I redid my gigs. It’s been about two weeks and I haven’t gotten many clicks, impression, and no orders. I was wondering what I can do to get my gigs noticed. I have added video to one, tried to make good descriptions for the gig I really want to work on. ( How can I get people to look at the gig more often and try to get my first order? Thank you for your help in advance!


Hey! First, you should change your titles, using better keywords for your area. For example, I have a gig for music production and beats. So I use in my title something that people would actually search for. Somethig like lofi, beats, trap, produce, etc. Second, I think you should have lower prices before getting your first order. You don´t have no ratings, so it is more difficult from a buyer perspective to buy from you. If the price is lower than the others, maybe he will order your gig!


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You have less than 1 minute of read-time shown in your forum profile. Check out the Tips For Sellers category (with filters applied --> You’ll find hundreds of threads offering advice on a variety of things to consider and/or improve. (Note: Not all advice can apply to all gigs or categories. Be sure you check multiple sources as there are some false tips, even among the top threads.)

It takes a lot of work to make it as a freelancer, so be sure to research and plan accordingly.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” (Attributed to Benjamin Franklin)

Specific to your situation, please see (FAQ) point 1:

There are also a bunch of useful links in the (RRD) section.

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Thank you very much. The quote is astonishing.

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Another good one, if you like:

“an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” (Attributed to Benjamin Franklin)

Be proactive!