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I have need Article Writer Content creator

I have need an article writer and content creator for my Web Development farm’s blog. Can anyone suggest me a good content creator article writer on decent price. I like emmaki but I cannot afford her

lol :smiley:

Might help you to attract people if you set out how many posts you want a week/month and your budget, btw.

You could try writer (with the numbers after his name) as I see he is extremely popular and also very inexpensive.

{posted twice by mistake}

Count me out. I have seen this guy’s forum posts in the past and he has said many negative things about Indians.

Yes I said a lot bad things about indian developer not writer!

Emmaki don’t ask me please price . Your copy are awesome but all I can spend is only 50-100$ recent few months no sales from fiverr broken down totally :frowning: but I have need at least 5 articles per month

Thanks for suggestion :slight_smile: