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I have need to know actual fiverr policy

Hi Friends,
Hope you are well.
I see there are huge “Email List Collection” related GIG is alive. If fiverr don’t allow email list related GIG then why they approve some peoples GIG and deny some other people. Is not fiverr is fare for all seller. or their system is so poor. If “email list” is not accepted then how is it possible to keep live those GIG. Its very easy to find all “email list” related GIGs. If they not allow such GIG then they should remove all Email List related GIG because they provide advantages some people but not everyone.
And its not acceptable from fiverr. because if they couldn’t provide equal policy then their market place will fall recently.

Hope Fiverr will take initiatives from now. and will be equal for all.

thank you


Submit a ticket :envelope_with_arrow: Customer Support will answer your questions.