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I have neet gate 1st order


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I can tell you why you are not getting orders:

  • You have several spelling mistakes in the headline of this forum post, and you have capitalization errors, grammar errors, and missing spaces in your gig descriptions. How can a buyer trust you to do data entry work if you make simple mistakes like this in very short texts?

  • You write that you are “A Trusted Seller on Fiverr.” You haven’t gotten any orders yet, so how can you be a trusted seller on Fiverr?

  • You proclaim to have “100% Positive rating.” You have zero reviews as you have no orders, so that is simply false. How can a buyer trust you if you lie so openly?

  • “100% satisfaction or money back” - This basically means that you are willing to cancel any order for any reason whatsoever. You will be opening yourself up to scammers.

  • You end your gig description by writing what you expect from your clients, one of the things being: “Always leave feedback after i deliver the work.” You cannot control whether your buyer leaves you a review or not. Receiving a review is a privilege, not a right. In fact, asking for reviews can result in a warning or a suspension, so I suggest you remove this from your gig.

  • Your thumbnails are exactly the same, and they cut off (at least on my monitor). They are also very messy to look at. You should fix this.


Based on the above check this out: New Sellers .... No Integrity .... No Success!


wait and wait for order