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I have never been a fiverr buyer, but i got a TOS buyers category violation!?

This totally sucks!! since 2013, i have provided my animation and graphics services via the platform. I never bought anything through the ’ buyers ’ procedure. And suddenly there is a message informing me that i have violated a ’ post a request ’ tool and it shows as self promoting violation ?! what on earth is this ?

my biggest guess is, this might be a bug. I have contacted CS and still no reply…

This is so bad and i got this for nothing i ever did since 2013! Any idea on what this issue might be?!

confused and desperate…


Did you put your gigs in Buyer Requests as a seller?

nope. never. i have done nothing to promote myself rather than using portfolios on my gigs… :frowning:

Could your account have been hacked?

Wow, sorry this happened! Seems like a bug if you did not do anything to trigger this… Update us when CS replies…



that was one of my guesses, i quickly changed my pw’s.

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yes, a bug maybe… i will keep this thread updated. this is really scary at the moment. a real cliff hanger because so far i have had no other issues and everything goes smoothly.


Right now, if this was a bug or some sort of system issue, my biggest concern is… will CS be able to undo what has happened so i dont have to wait 30 days to get back to my much awaited level up? who knows…

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okay, i got the TOS warning because i had shared my youtube link which has all the show reels i have done ) animations and graphics ).

now how can i show my buyers all those 16 show reels when they ask for what i have done before…hmm…

could you please tell me what is bug ?


A bug is an error or glitch in a computer software or website.

ok thanks and i want to ask 1 thing as you said that you are here since 2013 so it means that you have a great experience so my question is that some days ago i was in page first but now i am in page 5 or 6 but there are some of my friends who are still in page first and even they are not getting orders they got negative reviews also but they even not moving from first page i dont know why and they are not telling me the reason that how they are maintaining their place in first page

okay first of all, what do you mean by ’ page ’ ?

category page like if you type 2d animation then all the animators related to 2d animation title will come in front of you i am talking about that page

well, that depends on how big you are selling. my theory is, no matter which page you are in, if your services are good you will get plenty of orders.

but to be honest when i was in page 1st and 2nd then i was getting orders but now i am not getting any message from buyers too many buyers placed orders without asking anything but now a days no buyer no messages nothing even i had 8k impressions and now only 2.8k are left and my favorites are also reduced automatically totally depressing :frowning:

were you demoted by any way?

no not at all i was going very good and my earning was great more then my expectation


Well, that explains the warning but why in the world is it under the buyers category… @daviddoer shared the approved sites, hopefully this prevents any weird mishaps in the future regarding that. :smiley: