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I have never seen a buyer request

Is there something in particular you need to do to “activate this”?
After reading tips on this forum that it is a good idea to check Buyer Request to increase sales I have looked on there at least twice daily for about a week now, but I am yet to see a single one.


Hello ricbro,

Because you’re a new seller, you can only see very few buyer’s requests and only at certain times during the day. The only thing you can do is to check BR at different times during the day. Once you reach Level 1, you won’t have problems viewing them.

Also, BRs match your gig’s category, so try creating new gigs offering different services.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your answer. Shame that you need Level 1 to get to see more of them, as I am struggling to get orders to enable me to go to Level 1!


how many gigs have you opened? I think you know that BR depends on category of the gigs. so please open all gigs on different categories and check continuously. as a new seller you will see very few BRs. but when you will start works, more and more BR will appear on your page.



If you will check buyers request 3-5 time you can see all request. always refresh buyers request option.


I know it’s not easy in the beginning, but as hasanfrombd and
dhruvsang said:

  • Refresh the BR page as often as you can
  • Create new gigs under more categories

am also facing the same problem , am not getting order also


To be honest, back when I was unleveled, I used to check the BR section not once, not twice, but 50 times a day (I’m not even exaggerating). And even then, with some luck, I used to come across only one or two buyer requests a day. I know it can be very annoying, but it is “fair” in the sense that all sellers go through that stage.

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You left me speechless… :speak_no_evil:


Helpful tips.Thank you very much


Yeah I guess I have to just stick with it! I currently only have one gig so maybe I need to spread myself out a bit more. Just need to think of something else I can sell… :slight_smile:

I’m hoping I won’t reach quite that level! :smiley:

I was in the same boat before level 1, I didn’t see any buyers requests and was like “wth is everyone talking about?” and then occasionally one pops up and I hastily submit to it. Now in level 1 there are tons, but. That doesn’t mean anything. Just to preface not brag - I’m all good stars seller, level one, many orders, but I have not gotten ANY of the buyer request gigs. When you look at the number how many people submit (over 20), then there is almost no chance of getting anything. I realised that where I should be focusing on is improving, adjusting my gigs and make more new ones. So that’s what I suggest to you too!

I find that staying online for 5+ hours a day & refreshing every hour or so will help them show up whilst being a new seller

When I joined Fiverr in September 2018, I literally checked for buyer requests every 10 minutes for 3 whole months. I got my first order within three days. As a new seller, that’s the handwork.

tnq man. this is a seriously a very good tips for new user like me.

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It depends on your active time in the fiverr account,so please be active in your account.You may instantly find buyer requests.