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I have no buyers [ARCHIVED]


I have been here for couple of months, I think that my gigs have potential, I send requests daily and still I have only one order. Need some tips please, to start doing smth :slight_smile:


:frowning: same here


The truth is, sales are always in the hands of buyers who are looking for the services we choose to offer – none of us can make people buy our gigs. However, we can make those gigs more appealing, well promoted, etc.

At first glance, your chosen gig photos – the ones that represent your gigs – aren’t all that compelling. They’re certainly colorful, and vibrant, but they don’t really seem to express what your gig is about. Perhaps starting there, with more targeted imagery might be a great first step toward upgrading your gigs.

Adding more gigs to the four you already have might not be a bad idea either. I think the total gig limit for any one seller is 20 gigs.


I’m trying to be a Fivver buyer but it won’t accept my paypal info - I’m in New Zealand - would that make a difference? there is no contact office type button on here either


I think you need a better gig picture like this guy.

I also think you have to find a way to be different from everyone else. With that said, not everything sells, in the soap category, this guy has the most reviews.

Yet “most” equals 36. It’s kinda sad, I see a lot of talented soap makers, but again, most people get their soap at CVS or Walgreens or Walmart, most are not interested in fancy, handcrafted soap.