I have No customers. Suggest me the Marketing tips on Fiverr


I am struggling for customers. Even, I don’t have my first customer. I am working professionally and but this time i feel like very low. Suggest me, how to get a customer?

this are my gigs





Lower the cost of your gig extras as your gigs are not high in demand yet. Promote on your social media pages. Create up to 10 gigs to offer.


which kind of social media pages??


Social page are facebook, twitter etc


Make sure you check and focus on buyers requests. Write professional responses and the more you know what you are talking about the more likely you are of landing one.


Try setting any gig extras you can to $5, I think that would definitely help your case.


I don’t understand if your gig is to customize someone’s wordpress theme, why is there a $20 to edit their theme, isn’t that the same thing?

Also, I would suggest you put more samples to showcase actual wordpress sites that you have custom designed. Not having more than one photo in your portfolio hurts you. Just make sure you have permission from a client in order to use it for advertising, or create a fake company and build them a full site to use for your portfolio.

Another thing would be to add something to your profile about your training/education/actual work experience. Saying you love wordpress doesn’t quite come across as super professional.

And the other thing is that you need to know it simply takes time here on Fiverr to start getting sales.