I have no idea what to do on Fiverr :'D


Hi guys…I been here on Fiverr for almost a month and i dont know what kind of gigs should i do…LOL…Its sad and make me laughed at the same time…

I did made a gig (cute artworks) but duh…as expected no sales…I saw a lot of weird gigs like top rated gigs of people doing weird things on their videos and dozen peoples in queue…I totally dont understand why buyer want to buy such things like that… :-? haha…No offense though…

So i need you guys to help me to give an idea what kind of gigs i should do…I love drawing…But besides that im blur…No other ability at all…haha…Maybe i need to dance in thong for $5 ? But many sellers already did that kind of gigs… =))


Reply to @arnevb: I dont know…I like modify things…Is that count as talent ? :smiley:




being a tad more positive is a good thing, look up gigs in what you do for examples.


How about selling something you really love?


I agree with the others. If you have a talent or skill, then, have your gigs be centered around that. You mentioned drawing. Perhaps you could create illustrations for children’s stories. Maybe do caricatures or portraits of your clients. Or, sketches they could resell. I’m sure there are many things, along those lines, you could offer people which are useful & worthwhile.


---- "I totally don’t understand why buyer want to buy such things like that… haha…No offense though…"

You need to find out why would buyers buy those. It is important to know and look at buyer’s point of view. Little tip: There are 3 broad groups of buyer, First one are buyers that just buy gigs for fun and personal liking. Second are buyers that have their business and is looking for gigs that could help promote or help his/her business. Third are buyers that buy and re-sells your products/services.

---- "I did made a gig (cute artoworks) but duh…as expected no sales."

Find out why! Does your gig have enough views and exposure? Or is it your drawings quality problem?

I believe the first thing you should do is to change your profile picture because it shines too much for people to take you seriously. :slight_smile:


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Thanks… :stuck_out_tongue:


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Much better now! :smiley:


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