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I have no order at this moment ,How can I get order?!

All Respected FIVERR Forum Member Please give me a suggestion, how can I sell my gig service, don’t show any buyer request my fiverr account.


Same here. :frowning:

hello and welcome to fiverr…i have no order and waiting for orders…
initialy i didnt saw buyer request with after week or 2 they were visible…

As a new seller fiverr platform is more difficult to establish as a good seller, By the way, keep up continue and find out your service related market place and share your gig more and more in the social media. Hope you will get good result very soon.


Hello dont worry we have all been there. Make sure you promote your gigs everyday and read all the topics here for new sellers. Buyers requests dont show all the time. Maybe some hours within the day there are no requests. Check them more often. Good luck

Maria S.


Read these tips in the forum There are so many tips you need

I have to disagree on giving out sample work: don’t do it. All this does is tell a buyer that you’re willing to work for free. The very fact that you say “I deliver accordingly but they don’t respond me” should tell you everything you need to know…they’re stealing your work and using it without paying you.

Yes, but you’ve been working for two years and you have 26 reviews - even with a generous estimate of half of those buyers coming from handing out free work (I’d be willing to bet it’s far less), that’s one job every two months. Meanwhile, I’ve never handed out free work and I’m closing in on 150 sales in the last year alone.

You run your business how you like, but business experts will unanimously agree that offering customized free work on a site like this is only likely to tank your ROI. It’s also really bad advice for newbies.

I’m not saying that having example work handy isn’t a good idea - it’s a great idea! But my showing, say, a product description that I had done for a lamp to someone looking for a jewelry description still shows my capabilities and ensures that the client can’t use my work for free.

Make all the example work you like…that stuff is great for showing off skills. I’m just saying when someone comes up asking “Hey, I need you to create something from scratch for this idea but I don’t want to pay you,” they have no compelling reason to order from you after that…they got what they wanted.

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