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I have no order from Buyers

I have created Gig that has been viewed 1000+ times but no order is coming. Please give me tips.


Don’t get impatient . Try to follow some tips
-Try to place 10 offers every day against buyer requests
-If you are not getting orders try to update your gigs
-Try to use good amount of keyword into your gigs
-Do share your gigs on daily basis to social networking sites
-Use Fiverr app so that you remain online 24 hour
-Try to response within a short time if any buyer knock you up
-It is better to update your gigs after a certain period of time
-Try to make more gigs
Best of luck


i will send 10 offers daily to buyers but no response from buyers
but i am not using fiverr app i get this app in my cell immediately.
Thanks so much [shakibaenur] for help & Comments

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Try to follow some tips
1-Lower your price
2-lower your price
3-lower your price & get your first positive review. :slight_smile:


Thanks friends for more tips for improve my gig for order

Do large work in low price and get buyer satisfaction.


Thank You For Your Advise Sister.


Try to send convenience message along your offers. Do try to attach any drive link holding your previous works sample along with your offer. It really helps.


I appreciated of all, really those are outstanding tips :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You have to wait before you get your first order. Promote your gigs on social media. Create a website cum portfolio and add the fiverr seller badge there. Create a page on facebook for your website and promote your fiverr gigs there as well. Open a twitter account and promote your website, your fiverr gigs and your facebook page there. Follow people who you think would be useful. Linkedin is also a good place. Mention “freelance so-and-so-worker on fiverr” on your bio and provide a link to your gigs. Answer questions related to your services on quora and lastly, scrutinize your gigs and read fiverr seller tips.

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I will try 10 order send to buyer… but no response…What should i do now

same trick i used to get my first buyer. I mean no one will want to risk huge amount for a service from a buyer without any reviews

any advice for my more skills