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I have no order in fiverr

i have no order in fiverr please help me anyone,i am new member in fiverr forum


How exactly would you like us to help you?

wellcome fiverr forum. you can share your gig social media everyday and 24/7 online still try.

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thank you for your suggestion

yes :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Yes what? I’m sorry but that wasn’t my question.
I asked how exactly you want us to help you?

It’s a horrible advice. First one is called spamming and can get him banned on other social media platforms and second one is physically impossible to stay online 24/7 and it still wouldn’t bring him anything.


mariashtelle1 there is no harm in sharing the gig inside the system.

Welcome here on the Forum. Is it possible for anyone to help you get any order?

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Maybe you can follow this Fiverr Tips

As someone shared this to me. I am trying to follow these. Maybe it might help you in some ways. Best of luck :smile:

thank you so much :thinking: :thinking:

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Welcome here. Be Active , be fortitude & do MARKETING


You have “energy” misspelled in your main gig picture.

How do you expect to get sales if you’re so careless about presentation?


First of all make your gig featured image unique, attractive and clear, so the buyer attracts by your gig and click on your gig.
Your description and title must be eye catchy and attractive and in last stay online 14-16 hours daily.
Hope you get orders soon :slight_smile:

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Absolutely Right, make your gig image unique and attractive from your other competitors.
Stay online 14-16 hours daily. Hope you get orders soon :slight_smile:

i understand thanks for your suggestion

Staying online – for any period of time – does NOT guarantee sales.


@jonbaas Right but chances of getting order increase rather than staying offline and hope for getting order

Once again, no. Staying online does not guarantee orders, nor does it improve your chances of gaining orders. You have the same chances of earning an order whether your are online or off.

Sitting around hoping for orders is a terrible way to EARN your orders and success. Instead of hoping for things to randomly happen, take actions to grow your gigs, build your success, and reach out to your target customers. Sitting around waiting… and waiting… and waiting… just wastes your time.

Successful sellers do not sit around hoping for success, and wasting their time waiting for things to happen. They go out, take action and MAKE things happen.

@jonbaas right , you point good point to reach out to target customer :v: :heart_eyes:

Please help me, I want new RED CINEMA camera, please please please.

How can you be succesfull by lies creative unique modern minimalist business logo design
Unique template edited? Its not working those days anymore. I have seen your gig uploaded logos on google and other sellers. You didnt even try to make your own, why people have to order it ?

1.Don’t please anybody here.
2. We see posts like you each day serveral times.
3.Read forum sections, there is more info then you can read in whole life about improving your gigs, sales etc.
4. Nobody can help you, except you.
5.People make money here, do you go to bank and ask them for bussines plan set up straight for you working ?

Just read forum, open youtube, those days are millions of posts and advices how to be succesfull, even fiverr podcast and much more!