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I have no order in my gig

I have create a gig 30 days ago but i have no impression,order and messages please give me your idea for this problem


The problem is… you’re not connecting to your target customers. Orders don’t appear randomly or by magic. If you want orders, you need to offer a service that appeals to your target customers, and you need to take the time to connect to (and market to) those target customers. Sitting back, and waiting for thing to happen for you, is the first step toward failure. YOU need to take actions to earn your success.


dear i am active on fiverr mostly but i have no order

same too brother.i have no order

Being active on Fiverr does not guarantee orders. What actions are you taking to reach out, and connect to, your target customers? Your gigs are a business. If you wish to be a successful seller, you will have to be willing to treat your gigs like a business.

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