I have No order :(


Why? What’s wrong? Any tips?


after four order completed no more,same me :frowning:


Wow! Your gig is perfect! Buyers really love watching videos rather only images, so adding a video will boost your profile more! Also a better and longer description won’t be bad. My first purchase was 3 months after registration. Yea, the start is very hard.

You will need to find out how to and where to promote. You can use the Buyer Requests section to search for work and find a client. When you reach level one, (it’s given when you complete 10 orders and have more than %100 response rate) the orders will become more often. Once a week maybe. And once you reach level two, you will have not a day without work! :slight_smile:

Also, don’t put it low cost. Buyers think that you can’t do it well and that’s why you have low cost. This may help. You can just increase the cost to the maximum you think it will be good. After my start, I had not much work and I decided to increase from $5.00 - $25.00 to $20.00 - $60.00. I got even more orders! See! Buyers like to see high prices!

Congrats and best wishes!


Don’t worry, there will came more. Sometimes, I wait 1 whole week until an order cames.


I have delivered 37 orders successfully but in 3 days, I don’t see any order in my Buyers Request. Customers also rated me 5 star but after that am not be able to see buyers request. Why is this with me? Please help me.



I’ve completed 8 orders in 1 month since I became a seller last month. But now it has been quiet for 10 days… But I am doing a lot in the background, not just waiting.

I removed non-performing gigs, created new gigs, improve existing gigs, learn more design stuff, do some promotion on social medial and experimented with Facebook ads etc…

Good luck to us new sellers!


same i am new on fiver one month i have also no orders ?:pensive:


That is very interesting, I never knew that.


Here are few steps that can push you near to orders as quick as the flash.

  1. You can send 10 offers to the buyers through buyer request section in 24 hours. Read carefully the buyers’ requirements then send the offers to buyers. I would like to recommend you that always give special discount to buyers as you are a new seller. Try to ensure their trust through your valuable words. It is too hard to trust new sellers for buyers. If you still not getting orders no worry in such a way you will get views and clicks.

  2. Share your GIG’s on the social media groups that have a huge amount of members like FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, etc. It will help you a lot in increasing your GIG’s impressions, clicks and views, resultantly your GIG will visible among thousands of users and also boost in ranking too.

I hope this will help you.

Thank you.


@rahdil yes you are right saying.
But i have problem. i have not get order withing 9 month. Why this issue ? Could you please help me anyone ?


I’m doing it everyday but from past 9 days I have no order


When you send offer to buyers, keep certain things into your mind that You must write a unique offer. You must give discount. Also mention to the buyer that even though I am new at fiverr but I am experienced in my field.

I am giving you special discount etc…


Awesome tricks! As a new seller, I’ll definitely follow these.


same here. have also no orders


don’t be sad
share your GIG social media