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I have no orders for several days! SOS


Good afternoon, I had no orders 5-6 days

I was wondering whether I am one, and what could be the reason

Please write your opinion


I take a middle position in the "recommended"

P.S - Personally, I think that the reason is that the design of the site has been updated and it has become difficult to use

or the case in the update version of the site

thanks for the reply^)



Me too, nothing on any of my gigs. I’m use to at least 3-4 a day! Hopefully it’s going to go back to normal soon.


mine has not changed , i get a sale and messages almost everyday


Please no one ever worry when your sales stop all of a sudden. Have you ever noticed that one day you get 10 orders, and then the next you get 0? This is due to Fiverr rotating gigs around. Some days you are at the top of search results, some days you are at the bottom. In order to treat all gigs fairly, Fiverr rotates in this way.


Sales dropped alot too! Ouch.


I had the same thing happen. When I search for my gig tags, my gigs do not come up so I’m very frustrated. I suspect the search/tag functions were altered recently. Something needs to change since this has impacted sales for a lot of sellers, not just myself.


Yeah, I’ve seen about a 70% drop in sales this month compared to the months before the holidays. I really believe its because of the holidays and hopefully should pick back up after the 15th of January… or at the latest next month.


Me as well. But i’ve got few message from 2 buyers who asking me about a gig that I supended. Pretty confused how they can see my suspended gig.


me too. :frowning:


Same here, maybe people is on holidays???


Me too. Sales dropped a lot. :frowning:


Orders have dried up for me too, especially at one of my gigs which didn’t have a single order for the same amount of time as yours. Yes, it might be the site redesign, or few people using it after the holidays…