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I have no orders, I tried everything

I have changed everything like everyday for weeks, used better pictures, other descriptions, copied from others gigs who does have orders,… But I still have no orders even after over 100 impressions. I think my art is good enough to sell it but apparently not. I am done with fiverr, I don’t what more I can do on here…

Did you try searching for your gig? Is it on the first page of search terms that users would search for?

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Oki Doki, so you are saying that you stole descriptions from other sellers?


Don’t copy from other sellers, it’s against the TOS, just overall a shady move, and can even lead to you getting lower rankings in search.

What you can do is write something original that describes what you are offering and advertise for yourself on social media. You can share your Fiverr gig on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even embed them on your website (if you have one).

Try Facebook groups for fanart since it seems from your Gigs that is what you are offering and share your Gigs there.


@ducktheunicorn and @mariashtelle1 I am out of :heart:s. So, here are :pie: :coffee:


Did you check what other people’s gigs look like?
DO NOT copy, but get ideas.
I think the images you are using seem fine, but your gig description is very short.
I’m not saying the longer the better, but simply judging from what I see, it seems very rushed.
There are many similar gigs to yours, and it’s hard to stand out.
Offering a clear and professional well written description is one way to stand out.

It seems like you only joined in June, for some people it takes months to get their first order.


That’s not a huge amount of impressions. Most of the people who saw your Gig in their search results won’t even have viewed it properly.

It’ll take much longer for you to get an idea of how well your Gig performs. You’ll need to continue to be patient.

I didn’t copy the whole but like the a half sentence and then adding my own twist to it

What I meant with copying is adding my own twist to it, sorry I should have worded it better

No I meant was adding my own twist to the sentence and just having begin for my descriptions, I never copied anything exactly. Maybe one sentence like “hello” lol

Thanks for the tips!

Have you tried starting a blog on Tumblr, showcasing your art there (with proper tags, so people can find it), and then directing people to your Fiverr profile?

Tumblr is good for fanart.

EDIT: I see that you use your Instagram link in at least one of your gigs. You better remove that link before you get an account warning for sharing personal contact information.


Thank you for the tip! I didn’ knew I couldn’t share my instagram!