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I have no Orders on fiverr

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There are a ton of other posts on this. Why don’t you check one of those out?


Try Improve your gigs description, title and make it more professional


  2. check your SEO.
  3. change your tag words and make sure they are super relevant and top keywords
  4. Change your gig description to make sure it is accurate, with correct grammar, spelling, keywords placed in there without overdoing it, etc.
  5. Add an SEO title below your description title with relevant keywords
  6. Add photos
  7. Take the free Fiverr course in Fiverr Learn to get tips on how to be the best freelancer you can be (you will also gain a badge for your profile)
  8. Add your courses and relevant industry related education to your profile resume section, I’ve had people order certain projects specifically based on my qualifications that had nothing to do with my gig.
  9. Network outside of Fiverr and promote your business
  10. Make your own website/blog and promote yourself there with links to your Fiverr gig.

Good luck! :+1:


Dear I also have a blog that I’m already using. Thanks for the way you’ve guided me. I’m a graphic designer and I have 15 years of experience in this field but I’m new to Fiverr. So far I’ve only got three orders that I’m worried about because I want to earn more on Fiverr, I want to get more orders on Fiverr because I’ve come to freelancing. Thank you so much for guiding me to remember and take care of myself in prayer.
Javed Iqbal 621

I would suggest maybe lower your price and find your niche that you command. Keep up the effort its just the first order and after that you’ll be flying.

Cool tips, thanks for worthy share