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I have no orders Plass All help me

hy all I am very confused that why I am not getting orders on this gig my gig is on last pages. please check it out and tell me my mistakes plass all help me


Hum let’s say… you don’t have any gig… Or maybe you deleted it?


this my gig


Nope, sorry, this redirects me to
I guess it’s your gig’s category. Again, did you delete your gig? It doesn’t appear on your profile.


Actually I see this at the top image
Was your gig removed or suspended? Maybe check on it.


what should i do now ??

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As I said check your gigs. Use this link (only for you) and check the tabs image

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Your gig is back! Good job!

At first create a awesome gig. And if possible 7 gig because of it’s help to get variation of client.

If ypu have 2.3 gigs it’s not enough as a new with a high compition.

Read post on tips for seller.

I have same issue brother…

i face the same problem bro.

If you no longer receive orders, kindly do the following:

  1. Search for low-competition keywords and use them to optimize your gig title, and description
  2. Redesign your gig image
  3. Promote your gigs on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc
  4. Make a video for your gig
  5. Post your video on YouTube and direct the traffic to your gig

Please, stop telling people this. It really isn’t that easy. There are so many more factors to take into account, it just doesn’t work like that.