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I have no orderss

I’m a graphic designer. All Fiverr of my Fiverr gigs is graphics related. I’ve been on fiverr for almost a long time but can’t get orders.

What can I do now?


It takes a lot of effort and patience to be a successful freelancer. Be patient and improve your gigs.

These topics will help you


Thank you, I am trying to read the articles


You can share on social media groups and other places then also try to stay only maximum time then you will get order 100%


Be patient. Good day will come


Send buyer request with exact keyword and active most time.


I send but it is not working


My suggestion is, don’t send buyer requests to those whom have already more than four sent. And 1. Profile picture 2. Gig thumbnail have to be attractive.

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Here’s some suggestions for the gigs:

Gig: I will design a professional business card and stationary
In the gig title:
“stationary” could be “stationery”

Gig: I will vector tracing, redraw logo, vector art in 2hrs
In the gig description:
“Put me a message to get a quote” could be “Send me a message to get a quote”

In the gig title “I will vector tracing…” could be “I will do vector tracing…”


Thanks for your advice, I’m trying to gig like you said

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Be patients and wait good news must come.

That’s a silly question what you can do.

I’m on Fiverr since past month and when I came to knew about the buyer request I immediately started sending request daily. Some people contacted me and one said they didn’t like my service. Another man came he said he liked my services but doesn’t have money and needs to arrange it.

The third man did such an order that I had to cancel it–nothing could be achieved.

Meanwhile, I maintained active flow sending buyer requests all day.

I sent 101 buyers requests up-to-the-minute. And now I have delivered an order yesterday just from a buyer request and the other order is also going to be submitted by me.

Buyer request.

Here is a kind of sample of request which works:


Bro can you guide me… ?? Konsy time buyer requests ko order send krny chahiye???

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Bro wait… Patient will bring sucess


thank you its help full.


I took me a month. I never came to forum for suggestion and never advertised all I did is work.

I did advertise once but that is useless according to me.

Work hard. You will get order.

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just wait and running your work of course you will get job

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you should be patient. A good day will come

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