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I have no response from buyers


I have made two gigs but no still no response from buyer help me out … :confused::confused::relieved::relieved:


Thats my profile


Use the buyer requests section. Your gig will appear low down on searches until you get a few good reviews.You can get your gigs noticed by sending out offers.


Thanks :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Why you have put your picture as a gig thumbnail!
Change that :wink:


check now


I suggest that you add photos that will best describe your gigs. Also, place your picture on your profile and not on your gigs. :slight_smile:


I still have no respnse:relieved::relieved:


Your gigs don’t really separate you from the other sellers. Try to define a niche for your audience to find you easily.

If you’re doing research, be more specific. Say what kind of research you are best at. If you’re doing QA, make QA gigs for specifics parts of the web app, like User Experience QA or bug finding. And fill out your description with these keywords. It will help improve your search rankings.

Be patient. It takes time. Also, add some better photos like suggested above.


Hi ,
I saw you created 3 gigs. The reality is you have to ensure your gig title and description quality.
You have to track how is your gig Impression, clicks and views. And according to your gig statistics you have to take next action.

You have to check buyer request daily.
You can create 7 gigs,why you aren’t doing rest of gigs?

Best of luck


I have not had buyers either :frowning:


oh thanks a lot for you advice