I have no sales for 2 month


Hi, friends,i have no sales for 2 month.please give me a advice to get more sales :-SS


Market your Fiverr gig other ways. Try Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.


@flexdesign your positive rating is 50% how people will buy your gig. make trust make increase positive rating by doing good work. and then you will get more … always provide great service and communication then ask for review your work.


Like the person above said, it could be because of your lower rating + the low number of orders you’ve completed.

Why don’t you try an offer more work than you regularly would? Offer double the results for $5. I imagine that would attract more customers, even if you have an overall 50% rating. Once you do have an order, make sure to put in your 100% effort and slowly raise your reputation. Good luck!


I would also recommend starting with 1-3 gigs, growing your reputation based on those, and then broadening your services. You have quite a few “New Arrivals” that make it look like you are more of an ametuer than you probably are.


Maybe can help this gig:



I went a long time without orders also, almost my whole first year. Then I started looking at what other people were offering, and what I could do. I created some gigs as an experiment, and I started getting orders. Then, I got one customer that ordered more than 50 gigs. That put me at level two within a couple of days. From there, it has been more work than I can keep up with. So, look for your talent. What can you do well? Make that a gig.


As a couple have said above, It’s going to be the 2.5 star rating and the lack of actual reviews themselves thats damaging your sales. One way of combatting this is asking friends and family for help. Get them to buy your gig and post reviews. Maybe even tell them they can get it for free and then once your rating gets higher and your amount of reviews increases people will trust you more. Also maybe have a couple of examples (copyrighted of course) of your work for people to see! Hope this helps!


Reply to @webtelly: thanks for your encouragement.


Another suggestion might just be opening a new account. Start from scratch.


Reply to @webtelly: Only customer support can help to do this.


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see you there and happylife


Im not trying to be offensive - but everyone designs logos these days - try with something new, daring, fresh, bold :slight_smile: Good luck!


Reply to @solow13: what did you mean?Can Customer support help me?..in which manner.could you please explain me.


All your gigs are the same, they’re all about logos, and not even different kind of logos, like vintage logos, but just modern logos.

You need a variety of gigs, you don’t know where buyers are coming from, sometimes a happy buyer will buy your other gigs. I agree with Mario above, a ton of people are doing logos, do something else.


Reply to @digilancer99: you encouraged me. thanks.I got new order after that i could increase my rating up to 83%


Reply to @flexdesign: Awesome! That’s good to hear. I hope your orders start flowing in even more now.