I have not been rated yet


I’m still relatively new to fiverr community, but so far so good I have been able to deliver two jobs in over a month but most unfortunately I have not been rated yet. Any tips on how to get rated?


Ask the buyer to rate your performance.


Actually, you can´t ask that, it´s against the ToS asking for feedback.


You can include a reminder to your client, like "If you are satisfied with the result, please leave your experience on the order.
Don’t ask them to write a 5-star review or great review though.


As long as you don’t ask them to write a 5-star review, it’s fine.


A day or two after deliver, you could send an e-mail letting them know you would love to hear their comments about the order.
They are automatically asked by Fiverr to leave feedback.


Getting plenty of positive reviews will help you get more work done


You could use something like:

Hello, I noticed you left no review yet and I wanted to ensure everything was delivered as expected. Should you need changes, let me know. Otherwise, a review helps me here. I’m sharing this because Fiverr automatically closes an order page three days after I deliver, and I want a chance to either make changes or let you leave feedback.


This order is completed now. If you enjoy my work and before we part our ways, be sure to leave me some feedback in the form of a review if you have the time. It means a lot for my reputation :sunny:


Thanks for the tips, I’m going to try it


I wish you the best. Good luck!


First, I’d like to extend a warm…

Welcome to the Community! :tada:

Secondly, it’s at the Buyer’s sole discretion if they want to leave a feedback or not. Leaving reviews are not mandatory. Also, keep in mind that Fiverr sends out email reminders about rating their experience with the Seller. So, technically you don’t have to say anything to them about it. Just cover all basis; delivering quality work, providing excellent communication and deliver on-time.


Somewhere in your delivery, maybe put “Let me know what you think” or something to that effect that will add at least a little subconscious push for a rating.