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I have not get any Order about 1 year

I have not get any Order about 1 year. What i need to do now??
My gig URL:

One very simple and also pretty easy way to get more orders is to just stay online. By staying online and by downloading the Fiverr app (So that you can get notified when someone contacts you) you’ll get more buyers. This happens, since buyers will see that you’re online and therefore can get the work done as fast as possible. Also, a little note: Your gig-picture seems very colorful and has a lot of different fonts and… there’s just to much going on… I think you’ll have more succes by having a more classic picture suing only 1 or two colors and one text-font. You could even create such a picture in Microsoft Paint. Your current gig-picture is a huuuge turn off - especially for me. I would say, that it should be more simplistic. Not artsy, but simplistic.

Best of luck to you my friend!
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Thank you so much.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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